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Impressão Offset Assinada por Shepard Fairey e Ernesto Yerena.97 x 77 cm--Offset print signed by Shepard Fairey e Ernesto Yerena.97 x 77 cm

Shepard Fairey _ OBEY & Ernesto Yerena _We are Human Protest


    Prazo de entrega: 30 dias úteis

    Produto com moldura.


    I am an immigrant. My ancestors left England and Scotland to come to this land to create a better life for themselves and their families. America is a land of immigrants. Ironically, the people’s who this land was inhabited by before “Americans” were Native Americans North and South American descent. I bring up this history not to stir up controversy or animosity, but to simply point out the complexity of who is entitled to live here. Something that is not complex and should not be controversial is the right of all humans to be treated like humans. People coming to America for the same reasons our ancestors did deserve human rights. The United States was created by immigrants and now our country needs immigration reform. I collaborated on this project with my co-worker Ernesto Yerena who shot the photos and helped with the graphics. Zack De La Rocha and Producciones Cimarron  provided input and support. All the proceeds from these posters go to creating materials for the May Day marches and donations for immigration reform organizations. Thanks for supporting human rights!

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