* Produto de monstruário. 

80 páginas.
Idioma: Inglês
Tamanho: 11cm x 15cm x 1,5cm

Banksy _ Pictures of the walls

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R$50,00Preço promocional
  • Um turbilhão de passeio por todo o mundo em oitenta sprays contém alguns dos antigos favoritos, bem como alguns novos clássicos. Concebido e compilado por Banksy.


    Graffiti is like boxing. The people who do it "professionally" tend to go round in circles pulling the same old moves all the time. The real entertainment takes place on amateur night. That's when you get to watch the bitter and twisted unleash all their pent-up frustrations on an unsuspecting public in a desperate attempt to make some kind of point before collapsing under a cloud of their own bloodied spit. This little book is a charming collection of graffiti from around the world as collected on the site picturesofwalls.com. Very funny indeed. Edited by Banksy. Color.

Travessa Ponder, 70

 PARAÍSO, São Paulo, SP

Brasil CEP 04008-040


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