Capa dura, 128 páginas
Hard cover, 128 pages

16 cm x 24 cm

Sabe: FYS Crew (On the Run)

  • Advocator of "Free Your Spirit” Danish graffiti maestro Sabe is a true master of styles that flexes on all levels whether it's with his advanced mechanical letter compositions, new-wave bubble styles, photo-realistic portraits, cartoon characters, or just plain bombing. He is known to mix up these styles to suit the occasion and his mood. Never one to be called a slacker he has an unparalleled enthusiasm for the craft along with a work ethic and execution rate of an army of crews. With a career spanning over twenty-five years Sabe remains active, prolific and influential.

Travessa Ponder, 70

 PARAÍSO, São Paulo, SP

Brasil CEP 04008-040


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